6 of the Must-See Places Off the Beaten Paths in Japan

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Kayabuki no Sato

Japan is filled with many interesting destinations for first time and repeat travelers to explore. The attractions of Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo are so many that it would be easy no to venture out these well-trodden paths. But if you are thinking of seeing some of the country’s more hidden gems, here are some of the most stunning off-the-beaten-path places you need to visit now.

Akame 48 Waterfalls (Mie Prefecture)
Akame 48 Waterfalls
Akame 48 Waterfalls refers to the string of falls that include the five large ones collectively known as the Amake Five Waterfalls. The area has a scenic hiking trail that boasts of breathtaking scenery that changes every season. See the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, the vibrant green leaves of summer, the stunning foliage of autumn, and the frozen vista during winter. The place is also associated with the Iga-ryu ninja that once lived in the area during the 15th to 18th century.

Aogashima Island (Tokyo)
Aogashima Island
The bustling city of Tokyo holds a secret gem that not many people know – a remote and inhabited volcanic island with a population of roughly 200. Getting to the island can be a bit tricky since it is only accessible by boat or helicopter. But the scenery and tranquil atmosphere more than make up for the time and effort to reach this beautiful island. If you can, consider staying the night and watch the stars at night.

Aoshima – Cat Island (Ehime)
Aoshima - Cat Island
Aoshima is a sparsely inhabited island where cats outnumber the human residents. Ferry trips to the island run twice daily — bringing in a growing number of tourists who want to see the island’s famous feline inhabitants.

Kayabuki no Sato (Kyoto)
Kayabuki no Sato
The former Imperial seat of Japan is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many other amazing attractions. But there is more to Kyoto than its most-visited temples and shrines. If you want to venture beyond the usual tourist spots, head out to Miyama to visit Kayabuki no Sato. The village boasts of beautiful and well-preserved thatched roof houses that sit in the midst of breathtaking nature scenery.

Koyasan (Wakayama)
Koyasan or Mount Koya is home to the seat of Shingon Buddhism. It is a great place to enjoy the scenery in a place that exudes a sacred vibe. Visit to see the beautiful temples and the graveyards at the cemetery. Experience a temple stay and bask in the sense of peace and solitude being in this place brings.

Takeda Castle (Hyogo)
Takeda Castle
Takeda Castle is not like the other famous castles of Japan. For one, it sits on top of a mountain at about 353 meters. It is touted as the “Castle in the Sky” in reference to the castle featured in the popular 1986 animation film Laputa: Castle in the Sky. The place offers breathtaking nature scenery with views of cherry blossoms in spring and the colorful foliage in autumn. But perhaps one of the best and unforgettable sights is to see the sea of clouds that surround the ruins. From afar, the ruins of Takeda Castle look surreal and whimsical as it “floats” above the clouds.


How to Maintain Your Backpack Sprayer

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In case you didn’t know, back pack spraying is the use of a portable, lightweight sprayer to keep pests and insects away from your plants.

Using a backpack sprayer enables the gardener to selectively tend to target vegetation. As a result, the risk of non-target damage is reduced.

Backpack sprayers are affordable and easy to use. They are also easy to maintain. Owning one makes it easier for the applicator to keep crops safe.



  • After purchasing the right backpack prayer for your needs, make sure you keep it working properly by maintaining its cleanliness.
  • Always clean it after each use. Don’t be lazy! All it takes is a simple rinsing using clean water or a tank cleaner. Cleaning your backpack sprayer will prolong its life and avoid various repairs.
  • If you’re going to use herbicide, check the label first, so you know how to handle and dispose of them.
  • You might want to purchase an extra tank for when you wish to spray more than one product without unloading the backpack sprayer and starting again.
  • Manual_sprayerAn extra tank also avoids contamination. As you know, there are some chemicals like broad-leaf herbicides, that can be hard to thoroughly rinse from spray tanks because of their affinity for plastic. This is why a lot of gardeners have a backpack sprayer which they don’t use for anything other than herbicides. Many operators use a different sprayer for insecticides. By allotting a sprayer for each type of pesticide, there’ll be zero percent chance of accidentally applying herbicide residues to their plants which need insecticides instead.
  • Winterize your backpack sprayer before cold storage if you know there’ll be a colder climate. Do this by adding antifreeze to its tank to avoid freezing.
  • Check if your manufacturer recommends you to lubricate all seals and O-rings at the beginning of the spray season. You might have to lubricate them once more during midseason if it’s being used heavily.

Why You Need a Welding Helmet

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Whether you’re traveling all over Japan or in another country, if you’re riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, you’ll need a helmet to protect your head. The same goes with a welding helmet—they’re tailored to protect your face and neck while welding.


welding-helmet-personA welding helm is a headgear that can keep your face and neck from the sparks, ultraviolet (UV) light, flash burn, and heat caused by welding.

They’re usually used with arc welding operations like gas metal arc welding, shielded arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding. Welding helms are essential to prevent arc eye, which is a nasty condition where the eye’s cornea is inflamed.

These useful helmets also keep your retina away from burns, which may lead to vision loss. The two conditions above are caused by unguarded exposure to highly concentrated UV and infrared rays discharged by the welding arc.

For your information, UV emissions from the welding arc can also harm the unprotected skin, resulting in a sunburn-like problem in a fairly short time of welding. Apart from radiation, splashes and gasses are also hazardous to the eyes and the skin.

So, are you still going to ignore the fact that you need a welding helmet?


Modern helms used in welding today were first launched by Willson Products in 1937.

Typical welding helms come with a window, covered with a lens shade, which is the filter through which the welder can see what he or she is working on. Sometimes, the window is made of tinted plastic, tinted glass, or a variable-density filter that’s made from a couple of polarized lenses.


Welding helmets are also available with auto-darkening filter thanks to the Hornell International which produced an LCD electronic shutter which automatically darkens when sensors detect the luminous welding arc.

With this filter, the welder doesn’t have to nod his/her head to lower the helm over his/her face. The greatest benefit of an auto-darkening filter in a helmet is that it saves the time of the welder by eliminating the need for adjustments. Plus, it lessens the risk of exposure as well.


Now that you know all these, it’s time for you to take action! Read the guide about the best helm for welding today and purchase one for your welding projects!



Underrated Is The New Black: The One Anime Show You Must Binge-Watch Right Now

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ram and rem

Let’s face it.

There are lots of great anime shows.

Never in my whole life, however, have I watched something that (1) I thought was dull at first and (2) I thought was awesome at last until Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu.

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu or Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Based on Tappei Nagatsuki’s light novel series, Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu is the perfect epitome of unexpectedness that can only be either heartwarming or heartwrenching. The first episode tells us how 17-year-old Natsuki Subaru, a loner and a hardcore gamer, somehow ended up in another world full of magical creatures. There, he met a half-elf princess named Emilia and her cat-like guardian named Puck.

Emilia posed herself as Satella while collaborating with Subaru to get back her royal insignia that was stolen by a slum kid named Felt. The name Satella, however, was that of the infamous Jealous Witch, to which Emilia reacted angrily when Subaru called after her the second time around – following the events that got him and Emilia brutally killed in the slum pawnshop where Felt was supposed to appear, as well as returning back to life (later called, Return To Death) and meeting Emilia and Puck again; but with no memories of them meeting him from the first time they met.

From there, the main theme of Return To Death and the lead character’s growing love for Emilia (a wholesome kind of love, unlike the kind of love we usually see from an Ecchi boy lead character) gets more intense as they meet new characters along the way – all of which would play bigger parts later on in the show. Even more so, the way the anime show was created is one great way to make viewers rave about it for a long time.

Binge-watch on this anime show right now and see for yourself what I’m talking about!