Why You Need a Welding Helmet


Whether you’re traveling all over Japan or in another country, if you’re riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, you’ll need a helmet to protect your head. The same goes with a welding helmet—they’re tailored to protect your face and neck while welding.


welding-helmet-personA welding helm is a headgear that can keep your face and neck from the sparks, ultraviolet (UV) light, flash burn, and heat caused by welding.

They’re usually used with arc welding operations like gas metal arc welding, shielded arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding. Welding helms are essential to prevent arc eye, which is a nasty condition where the eye’s cornea is inflamed.

These useful helmets also keep your retina away from burns, which may lead to vision loss. The two conditions above are caused by unguarded exposure to highly concentrated UV and infrared rays discharged by the welding arc.

For your information, UV emissions from the welding arc can also harm the unprotected skin, resulting in a sunburn-like problem in a fairly short time of welding. Apart from radiation, splashes and gasses are also hazardous to the eyes and the skin.

So, are you still going to ignore the fact that you need a welding helmet?


Modern helms used in welding today were first launched by Willson Products in 1937.

Typical welding helms come with a window, covered with a lens shade, which is the filter through which the welder can see what he or she is working on. Sometimes, the window is made of tinted plastic, tinted glass, or a variable-density filter that’s made from a couple of polarized lenses.


Welding helmets are also available with auto-darkening filter thanks to the Hornell International which produced an LCD electronic shutter which automatically darkens when sensors detect the luminous welding arc.

With this filter, the welder doesn’t have to nod his/her head to lower the helm over his/her face. The greatest benefit of an auto-darkening filter in a helmet is that it saves the time of the welder by eliminating the need for adjustments. Plus, it lessens the risk of exposure as well.


Now that you know all these, it’s time for you to take action! Read the guide about the best helm for welding today and purchase one for your welding projects!


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