How to Maintain Your Backpack Sprayer



In case you didn’t know, back pack spraying is the use of a portable, lightweight sprayer to keep pests and insects away from your plants.

Using a backpack sprayer enables the gardener to selectively tend to target vegetation. As a result, the risk of non-target damage is reduced.

Backpack sprayers are affordable and easy to use. They are also easy to maintain. Owning one makes it easier for the applicator to keep crops safe.



  • After purchasing the right backpack prayer for your needs, make sure you keep it working properly by maintaining its cleanliness.
  • Always clean it after each use. Don’t be lazy! All it takes is a simple rinsing using clean water or a tank cleaner. Cleaning your backpack sprayer will prolong its life and avoid various repairs.
  • If you’re going to use herbicide, check the label first, so you know how to handle and dispose of them.
  • You might want to purchase an extra tank for when you wish to spray more than one product without unloading the backpack sprayer and starting again.
  • Manual_sprayerAn extra tank also avoids contamination. As you know, there are some chemicals like broad-leaf herbicides, that can be hard to thoroughly rinse from spray tanks because of their affinity for plastic. This is why a lot of gardeners have a backpack sprayer which they don’t use for anything other than herbicides. Many operators use a different sprayer for insecticides. By allotting a sprayer for each type of pesticide, there’ll be zero percent chance of accidentally applying herbicide residues to their plants which need insecticides instead.
  • Winterize your backpack sprayer before cold storage if you know there’ll be a colder climate. Do this by adding antifreeze to its tank to avoid freezing.
  • Check if your manufacturer recommends you to lubricate all seals and O-rings at the beginning of the spray season. You might have to lubricate them once more during midseason if it’s being used heavily.

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